5 Forecasts on the Future of Consumer Electronics from Yesterday’s Apple Event

Yesterday’s Apple event from San Francisco showcased a handful of new Apple products that are sure to impact the future of consumer electronics. Including the newly-named iPad Air! And we’re not surprised. Apple has been doing things other tech brands could only dream of for over 10 years! They do a phenomenal job at recognizing […]

October 2013 Apple Announcement Expectations and Hopes

There’s a particular brand of excitement in the air that can only mean one thing. Of course, we’re talking about another Apple announcement! There are high expectations for the October 22 Apple announcement in San Francisco, CA, as experts around the internet expect a new iPad, iPad mini and Mac Pro to be unveiled at […]

10 Apple Commercials Worth Remembering

Besides being the world’s most popular fruit-named anything and having some of the most innovative products in the history of, well, life, Apple is also pretty darn good at creating effective marketing. Not to say every Apple commercial is a hit, but for the most part Apple has a good sense of what their consumers […]