5 Forecasts on the Future of Consumer Electronics from Yesterday’s Apple Event

Yesterday’s Apple event from San Francisco showcased a handful of new Apple products that are sure to impact the future of consumer electronics. Including the newly-named iPad Air! And we’re not surprised. Apple has been doing things other tech brands could only dream of for over 10 years! They do a phenomenal job at recognizing trends and outpacing them. It’s because of this trendiness that we can safely look to Apple to gauge where the market is headed as a whole.

Here are 5 forecasts on the future of consumer electronics based on what was presented at the October 22 Apple event in San Francisco.

Forecasting the Future of Consumer Electronics

  1. Design “WOW” factors. Apple changed the game in 2007 when they turned the cell phone market on its head with the iPhone. They did it again with their new desktop. Now we have the straight from Star Wars Apple Mac Pro. By designing a desktop computer better suited for a mantlepiece than the floor, Apple has challenged other companies to put added focus into what their product looks like when they’re turned off. Smartphones and wearables are already fashionable so it was only a matter of time before their focus shifted into our homes.
    Apple's Future of Consumer Electronics
  2. Even MORE attention to what we want. Yesterday, Apple made sure to cater to their fanboys and girls by way of adding highly demanded features and improvements to their already existing gadgets. The new operating system (which is available for free to everyone!), OS X Mavericks, gives us extended battery life and the iPad Mini has been fitted with a retina display. Just as technology has made it easier for us to interact with brands over social media, it’s that much easier for brands to listen to us. Social media is growing and companies are continuing to tune in to what their users are saying. Look for tech companies to include us more in deciding the future of consumer electronics. And if they don’t, well, we’ll take to Twitter!
  3. If the device doesn’t make human networks easier to access, it’s irrelevant. The future of consumer electronics is one of connectivity. Whether it be on social media, collaborating on Google Docs or seamlessly sharing photo albums with contacts, people want instant access to other people. Yesterday, Apple made strides to a more connected world by adding collaboration to iWork. In a somewhat lame moment before Apple’s iPad Air announcement yesterday, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue and Apple vice president of productivity applications Roger Rosner collaborated on an even more awkward poster. Demo aside, the point was received. We will now be able to collaborate on higher level creative projects than ever through OS X Mavericks.

    Eddy Cue
    Image via Macworld
  4. Increasing perks while decreasing price. While sometimes it may seem like Apple isn’t aware that we actually like to have money in our pockets at the end of the month, they do deserve some kudos for dropping the price of the new MacBook Pro a very nice $200 from last year’s model and then hitting us with a $3000 desktop. They added specs, took away size and even gave us OS X Mavericks for absolutely nothing. As an added bonus, we didn’t have to pay extra for the iPad’s new name! It’s not certain that Apple will continue giving out future upgrades for free. However, it feels good to see Apple making the load a little easier to bear this holiday.
  5. Innovation must be green. Apple made it a point to show us at their event yesterday that they are innovating responsibly and no, I don’t mean they build things soberly. They’re moving towards greener practices! After each hardware demo we were shown how Apple is contributing to a healthier planet. By no means should we believe that Apple is currently creating environmentally neutral products, but rest assured that consumer electronics are headed in that direction!

What’s Your Forecast?

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