What’s a better way to ring in the new year than checking out the latest advancements in consumer technology? CES 2014 kicked off this week out in Las Vegas and already we’re starting to see tons of exciting new products and developing technologies that will make their way to the market in the next few years. Here’s what we’ve seen so far – and what trends we’re expecting to continue as the show continues throughout the week.

CES 2014: What We’re Expecting


Smarthome technology

Although pretty televisions and cool gadgetry always rule the day at CES, there’s an interesting trend developing at this year’s show: the emergence of ‘smarthome’ technology as a viable revenue stream for tech-friendly companies, like LG and Samsung. But Samsung’s Smart Home App isn’t all we’re expecting to see at CES 2014. From security and energy management, to grocery shopping and organizing, there are a plethora of new products arriving at CES 2014 this year (like Goji’s ‘smart lock’ remote front door access) aiming to connect us to everything in our home, as well as outside of it.

Of course, there are also some new automated vacuums at CES 2014 – but unlike ten years ago, a cleaning robot isn’t quite the wonder of in-home tech it once was. For that, we’ve got to look elsewhere at CES. Already we’ve seen awesome products like the iBaby M6 baby monitor, MakerBot’s mini-3d printer, or Amped Wireless’ new WiFi extender, which can amplify a signal up to 5,000 square feet. And that’s not even getting into kitchen products. Already this week, Belkin debuted their new line of WeMo-compatible devices with a smartphone-controlled crock pot and LG announced a dishwasher that takes commands via text message.

lg tv

4K and Ultra HD

As more and more companies focus on Ultra HD development (simple translation: 4K) rather than 3D technology (in fact, Vizio announced yesterday they’re moving away from 3D altogether), 2014’s new televisions are going to be brighter, sharper – and in the case of some companies, a lot larger. We’ve already heard rumors about LG’s 110-inch Ultra HD television and announcements from companies like Sceptre and Vizio announcing their new, Ultra HD-ready product lines. With Samsung, Sony, and others still waiting in the wings, there’s plenty of big, beautiful new televisions being shown off all week on the CES 2014 floor.

intel smart watch

Wearable technology

Last year’s Pebble Watch and Google Glass were only the tip of the iceberg. 2014 is quickly turning into the Year of Wearable Tech, whether it’s coming from Samsung, Intel, or a host of other tech giants and start-ups looking to capitalize on the hottest mobile trend of the new year. Pebble’s already announced a $249 Steel Pebble Watch for the fancier types, XOne Google-Glass compatible safety googles, or something different like Lumo Lift, which vibrates when it notices its user practicing bad posture.

Smartwatches (can we bring back the word ‘swatch’ yet?) aren’t the only thing popping up at CES this year. There’s been a revival of fitness band technology thanks to the popularity of the Pebble Watch. Garmin, Movea, Basis, and Sony have already announced new fitness bands for 2014, all with increased functionality and available in multiple colors. Intel’s even taking it one step further, introducing a new line of ear buds that tracks runs and measures heart rates.

car tech

In-car technology

There aren’t just cool cars like Formula E’s electric race car being debuted at CES. Car and smartphone entities are both announcing big advances in technology inside of cars, like Hyundai’s second-generation Blue Link technology (connected to Verizon), BMW’s driver assistance technology, and Audi’s new partnership with AT&T to bring LTE into their cars across the United States. In other words, cool cars aren’t just getting faster and more efficient, they’re getting a lot ‘smarter’. And quickly.

What are you looking forward to most at CES 2014? Tell us your expectations and hopes in the comments below.

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