Last week, the Playstation 4 debuted and absolutely destroyed it over the first weekend, amassing over a million sales. This Friday, November 22, the Xbox One premiers and so do all the cool new Xbox One features! At $500, the Xbox One is debuting $100 more expensive than the Playstation 4 and exactly a week later. Does it stand a chance? It’s clear the Xbox One certainly has an uphill battle if they plan on coming out as strong as the PS4!

Ultimately, it will be the new features that set the Xbox One and Playstation 4 apart since each will feature many of the same games and apps. So what new Xbox One features can gamers expect? Plenty! Here are the 5 coolest Xbox One features you may not have known about.

Xbox One Features

The Coolest New Xbox One Features

  1. Multitask with Xbox One Snap. Microsoft is trying to take over our living rooms and the new Xbox One feature “Snap” is a step in that direction. Switching between apps, games and television is easier than ever with Xbox Snap, a feature very familiar to Windows 8 users. For example, while playing NBA 2K14, you wonder if there are tickets available for the next Portland Trail Blazers home game. Without ever leaving your game, you can open Internet Explorer, search for tickets and even buy them if you want. All while shooting NBA 2K14 free throws. For a demonstration on how this new Xbox One multitasking feature will work, check out this video:
  2. Access digital games anywhere you go. Gone are the days when Xbox Live video game downloads could only be played on the system they were downloaded on. Here in the future, digital games are linked to Gamertags, making it possible to play them on any console. That means you never have to be without Geometry Wars 2 again. Whew!
  3. Sign in to Xbox Live with your face. You know that one guy you always recognize but can never remember his name? Well, the Xbox One knows it. And it even signs him into his Gamertag when he’s at his friends’ house playing Xbox One! The new Xbox One Kinect ships with the system and is so damn good it will sign you in as soon as it sees you. It can even tell who’s paying attention to the TV and who’s making subtle moves on the last slice of pizza!
  4. Find the perfect matchup with Party Scout. The new Xbox One feature “Party Scout” is taking online multiplayer to the next level. Set your matchup preferences (language, age, skill level, or DLC specifics) and mess around on another app while the Xbox One Party Scout feature finds the perfect opponent for you.
  5. Increase hard drive space. Sony’s Playstation 4 debuted last week and sold 1 million PS4 consoles within the first 24 hours. That’s a helluva mark for Xbox to meet. An Xbox One feature that will surely win over more than one payment of $500 heart is the option to add extra hard drive space. You can’t do that on a Playstation 4! As one Twitter friend said, “that’s where the Xbox prevails“.

Is the Xbox One poised to beat the Playstation 4? Let us know what you think about the new Xbox One features in the comments section below and let the holiday gaming craziness begin!

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