5 Reasons PlayStation Brand Loyalty is 2x as High As Xbox

WARNING: Microsoft Xbox fans, you may want to do some deep breathing before this one. A recent survey by BluePromoCode has once and for all put an end to the Xbox vs PlayStation debate. Well, at least an end to the question of who has the highest brand loyalty.

The survey, which questioned 155 console-owning Americans, accurately found that more US gamers currently own an Xbox 360 than a PlayStation 3. No surprises there. What is surprising is that current Xbox 360 owners were split 50/50 between purchasing an Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 owners however, were much more likely to stay with their brand. 93% of PlayStation gamers said they would be sticking with Sony and buying the PlayStation 4. Even gamers who currently own both gaming consoles were more likely to become PlayStation gamers (50%) than Xbox (17%), or even buying both again (33%).

PlayStation gamers have PLENTY of brand loyalty. But why?

5 Reasons for High PlayStation Brand Loyalty

  1. PlayStation’s commitment to affordability being cheaper than Xbox. The Xbox 360 required gamers to pay a subscription fee to play online and use apps like Netflix via Xbox Live. The PlayStation 3 online experience was completely free. While the PlayStation 4 will require a subscription, it’s still $10 cheaper than Xbox Live, $49.99 and $59.99 respectively. The lower overall cost of playing the PlayStation online is a major factor in high PlayStation brand loyalty and should continue to hold true, benefiting Sony in the battle between Xbox and PlayStation.
  2. Xbox came later on the scene. When the first Xbox came out, Sony had already been through an entire video game console life. The Xbox had to compete with the PlayStation 2. Some of the high PlayStation brand loyalty among gamers can be attributed to the simple fact that it came before the Xbox.
  3. Bad taste from the Xbox Red Ring of Death. While the Red Ring of Death was upsetting Xbox 360 gamers, PlayStation 3 gamers were seamlessly playing their favorite titles. And while Sony currently has a little death-light issue with less than 1% of PlayStation 4s, Xbox is still having their own problems. Those who were completely turned off by the Xbox 360s Red Ring of Death likely made the switch to the PlayStation.
  4. PlayStation’s attention to detail… literally. If you compare the new Call of Duty on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 you’ll notice the PlayStation 4 looks better. That’s because it plays games on full 1080p while the Xbox One does 720p. Sony has always been devoted to killer graphics and their fans love it, thus the high PlayStation brand loyalty!
  5. Can it be about the controller? If the visual gameplay is the canvas, the controller is the paint brush. Ask fans of either system and they will tell you that their system has the better controller. With a brand new touch pad on the PlayStation DualShock, Sony is looking to “control” an even larger portion of not-so-devoted Xbox gamers.

This is a huge win for Sony heading into one of the most competitive holiday seasons on memory. The PlayStation 4 debuted on November 15th and moved over 1 million units in its first weekend. The Xbox One debuted exactly one week later on November 22nd and achieved the same feat. There has been little doubt that these systems would be the hottest items of the 2013 Christmas season. It’s the future of video gaming that is uncertain. And since both consoles have similar new features and specs, Xbox or PlayStation brand loyalty could be a huge factor in deciding the Console King.

Check out this infographic from BluePromoCode and then head to the BluePromoCode blog to see more about their findings. Is PlayStation brand loyalty really twice as high as Xbox brand loyalty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Xbox vs PlayStation Brand Loyalty
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5 Coolest Playstation 4 Features You Didn’t Know About

The Playstation 4 is set to release this Friday, November 15 for $400 a pop. One week earlier and one hundred dollars cheaper than the Xbox One ($500 on November 22). Besides being cheaper and releasing earlier than the Xbox One, the new Playstation 4 features are sounding pretty awesome. How they’ll work is a different story, but speculation is always a good time!

It’s set to be a heated holiday between the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. In the end, it will come down to which system did more to improve the overall gaming experience. So how is the Playstation 4 positioned to do? Here are the 5 coolest new Playstation 4 features that set the system apart from the competition.

Playstation 4 Features

The Coolest New Playstation 4 Features

  1. Charge peripherals while powered down. One of the annoying downsides to rechargeable controllers is that you have to have the system on to give them juice. Not so with the Playstation 4! Even when the system is in standby mode, gamers will be able to attach peripherals to charge. That means there’s no excuse to have dead batteries when your friends come over to game!
  2. Seamlessly switch between apps. The new Playstation 4 features improve multitasking on the system with the PS Home button. Say you just lost a close one on NBA 2K14 and need to cool your jets before you play again. Queue up a Netflix movie from your dashboard and when you’re ready to get back onto the virtual hardwood, double tap the PS Home button to take you back to the the last app open. In this case, your chance at NBA 2K14 redemption.
  3. Jump right into gaming with no delay. Gamers who like to squeeze in a quick session before leaving the house will love this new Playstation 4 feature. Instead of waiting for menus to load and games to render, the new Playstation 4 has enough memory that it can pick up a game right where you left it when you turn the system on. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll turn it off. Time to take a sick day?
  4. Controller and face tracking improve split screen. Playing split screen with a group of people can quickly become a game of musical chairs. Nobody wants to look across the television at their half of the split screen. The new face and controller tracking for the Playstation 4 will keep gamers in their place. Using this tracking technology, the Playstation 4 will be able to determine where each player is sitting in the room and adjust the split screen accordingly! The next step: adjusting the position of the chips and dip.
  5. Only the highest definition playback. The Playstation 4 Blu-Ray processor will be an impressive three times faster than the Playstation 3. In addition to the high performance Blu-Ray player, the Playstation 4 will also support 4K/Ultra HD video when it ships. This doesn’t matter much for us peasants yet since we’re all probably still using 720 or 1080 resolution, but 4K is the next wave! And the Playstation 4 is ready to ride.

Are these improved Playstation 4 features enough to get you to buy? Let us know what you think about what’s new with the Playstation 4 in the comments below!