5 Free Apps For Christmas Radio Online

The holiday season is upon us – which means there’s carols, new holiday singles, and Christmas collaborations invading the airwaves everywhere we turn. But even the biggest fans of holiday songs hate sitting through lame remakes or the same tired renditions of songs. With that in mind, we’ve collected the five best free apps for Christmas radio online to keep a melodic melange of tunes in your ear buds through the holidays.

The Best Free Christmas Radio Online

Free Christmas Radio Online

iTunes Radio

The first Christmas radio online app on our list is already included on every iPhone, accessible through the Music app. Although iTunes Radio doesn’t contain any traditional FM or AM radio stations, it does bring its massive music library to anyone’s fingertips in a variety of interesting ways. A great place to start are their ‘Featured Stations’, an always-changing selection of genre-specific stations or playlists created by guest DJ’s or musicians. Whether you want to play the hits or mix in a little more obscure songs, iTunes Radio gives users a number of options to customize their listening experience for Christmas this year.

Free Christmas Radio Online

Christmas RADIO
(iOS, Android)

Given the title, the inclusion of this internet radio app on our list shouldn’t be a surprise: the Christmas RADIO online app features over 50 different holiday music stations from around North America and Europe, a perfect option for the international listener or world traveler looking for some familiar holiday sounds during the holiday season. The interface isn’t the prettiest, but the app is smooth and functional. It also has a dedicated channel broadcasting from the North Pole!

Free Christmas Radio Online

TuneIn Radio
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Often considered the standard for all free internet radio apps, TuneIn Radio’s massive FM station database set it head and shoulders above most of its mobile counterparts. It not only has most basic features one would want from their internet radio app (the ability to save stations, customizable buffering options) but a number of advanced features that ensure users get the most functionality out of their radio app – and in the case of the extremely useful “Car Mode”, more safe by eliminating small text and buttons altogether. There’s a paid version available with even more options (like recording live radio) but for most holiday carolers, the ad-supported version of TuneIn Radio will more than suffice.

Free Christmas Radio Online

Slacker Radio
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Slacker Radio’s free app might not have all the features of the other internet radio apps on this list but thanks to its collection of unique stations and gorgeous design, it’s still one of our favorites. And as a “smart” radio app, Slacker is always paying attention to what you’re listening to, constantly curating your selection (and doing it in style) the more you listen. With a dozen different dedicated Christmas stations (and of course, the ability to create a station from any artist), Slacker is a great choice for users looking for something simple and straightforward from Christmas radio online.

Free Christmas Radio Online

iHeart Radio
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

iHeart Radio is akin to a Pandora and TuneIn Radio mash-up: it doesn’t quite have all the features of either, but cross-pollinates its functionality enough to make it a useful little hybrid app. It has the same customizable station options like Pandora and Slacker, and also has hundreds of live stations across the United States to listen to (similar to TuneIn and the like). It many not have every function these other apps have, but for an all-in-one solution, there aren’t many better options than iHeart Radio.

Where is your favorite place to listen to Christmas radio online? Let us know if we missed one in the comments below!

The BlackBerry Future: Software and Automobiles?

Once the darling of business-minded mobile phone users, BlackBerry is now in the midst of a huge slump. And not the kind that can be fixed by a chiropractor! While the chumps people in charge at BlackBerry scramble to figure things out, consumers are left to wonder “well, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks does this mean for me? If anything?”

Wonder no more! The future may be bleak for BlackBerry but like any relationship cut short, it’ll all end up alright. Here’s the skinny on what BlackBerry’s 2013 woes mean for us consumers and where we can expect the BlackBerry future to take us all.

A Niche Needs Filled

BlackBerry has always catered to businessmen and women. Most notably through the signature QWERTY keyboard. You know, that beloved and distinguishing little feature that BlackBerry abandoned earlier this year with their BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry's Old Lineup
Look at those gorgeous QWERTY keyboards! Oh, why did BlackBerry forsake you?

Forget their latest attempt with the Q10. The BlackBerry Q10, reviving the QWERTY keyboard, was released this September. But by then it was already too late. A poor effort this year by CEO Thorsten Heins has left BlackBerry outside the loop to watch businessmen and women opt for more productive devices from Samsung, Microsoft and Apple. Even Nokia is getting in on the action!

Tablets are becoming more prominent and will continue to do so after the highly productive Microsoft Surface 2 and Nokia Lumia 2520 announcements. Apple, notorious for being a more “creative” device than one of productivity, has put forth an effort with their newly collaborative iWork software. Companies are taking steps to fill the productivity niche which right now is wide open.

Keep an eye open over the next year to see who comes out ahead. It’ll take a game changing feature targeted directly at businessmen and women to win the market. Who knows? Maybe BlackBerry will make a comeback and end up in another President’s hands in 2016!

Obama on BlackBerry Smartphone

Two Lights in the Foggy BlackBerry Future

With no longterm CEO and little loyalty among consumers, the BlackBerry future is a difficult one. Luckily, the company only needs to look at the Apple comeback to know that they aren’t yet down and out.

But what can BlackBerry do to regain their former relevance? Here are two outside suggestions for BlackBerry’s future that could be spot on.

  • Interim BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently said “BlackBerry employees need to start thinking differently about the company and accept that we’re really not in phones but we’re in phones for software, for services.” A shifted focus from handsets to software could be in the BlackBerry future. Software like BlackBerry Messenger is already available across Android and Apple devices. The trick will be winning over our attention (and our cash money). BlackBerry handsets aren’t going away altogether, but consumers can expect more attention to software in the near future.
  • Could the BlackBerry future be tied to the future of the automobile industry? Technology reporter John R. Quain writes:

Blackberry has a significant play in the next major technological revolution: the automobile. Back in 2010, Blackberry purchased a little known Ottawa-based company called QNX Software Systems (Canadians are so modest). Ostensibly, the idea was to use QNX’s operating system software to power a growing panoply of Blackberry devices, including a tablet computer (we all know how that went). But QNX’s real strength, indeed what it’s famous for in the tech world, is what’s in the car.

    John goes on to detail a future in which cars talk to each other (vehicle-to-vehicle communication or V2V) to avoid traffic jams, accidents and road hazards like black ice. John’s suggestions for the future of BlackBerry are futuristic but they may not be far off given BlackBerry’s work with auto makers in the past. If nothing else, the prospect of soon being able to nap while driving is making us giddy enough to pass out!

Is BlackBerry doomed to fail or will we witness a triumphant return? Or, will the BlackBerry future be tied to something other than handhelds, such as automobiles? Let us know your thoughts on BlackBerry’s future in the comments below!