Apple Announcement 2013

October 2013 Apple Announcement Expectations and Hopes

There’s a particular brand of excitement in the air that can only mean one thing. Of course, we’re talking about another Apple announcement! There are high expectations for the October 22 Apple announcement in San Francisco, CA, as experts around the internet expect a new iPad, iPad mini and Mac Pro to be unveiled at the event. There are also rumors of a couple Easter eggs, which we will get to and hopefully will see at tomorrow’s San Francisco Apple event!

Apple rumors are everywhere and while it’s impossible to say exactly what will be announced in San Francisco tomorrow when Tim Cook and crew take tage, there are a few safe bets that we feel confident in forecasting. Here are our expectations for the Apple announcement October 2013 and a couple things we’d like to see, but aren’t banking on just yet.

Apple Announcement 2013

Our Apple Announcement Expectations

  1. Retina displays for the iPad mini. Almost guaranteed to be a part of the October Apple announcement are retina displays for the new iPad minis, a feature that was noticeably absent from the last model. The retina display will be a nice visual upgrade to the system’s current display and is one that Apple fanatics have been asking for.
  2. New Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro looks awesome and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Fitted with Intel’s latest processors and sporting a sleek new design, the Mac Pro will definitely be a game changer. A cylindrical shaped desktop computer? Mind. Blown. Also, might we get a date for OS X Maverick? Very likely!
  3. iPad colors and size change. Last September’s Apple Announcement unveiled two new lines for the iPhone: the 5s and 5c. The latter of which comes in 5 different colors. In addition to making the new iPad thinner and lighter, colored iPads or iPad cases will likely be a part of the announcement to coincide with the new colorful iPhones.

Our Apple Announcement Hopes

  1. New Apple TV. Now we’re getting into the longshots. We can neither confirm nor deny a new Apple TV unveil tomorrow, but talk has been awhirl on the interwebs and it seems like this could be a 50/50 shot for the October 22 Apple announcement. But when you consider that Amazon’s France and Germany outlets listed the Apple TV as out of stock until October 23 (one day after the announcement), one starts to wonder if this is almost certain.
  2. iWatch unveil. Sony did it. Samsung recently did it. Heck, even startups are doing it. So is it possible tomorrow’s Apple announcement in San Francisco could see the release of an Apple smart watch? We say it’s about time for the iWatch!
  3. Keyboard case for Apple iPad. Apple has a lot of work to do in the tablet market and it’s possible, though not altogether likely, that Apple will announce an integrated keyboard case for the new iPad similar to Microsoft’s Touch Cover.

Out of everything to be announced tomorrow at Apple’s San Francisco event, which are you most excited for: new iPads, iPad minis or the Mac Pro? Tell us in the comments below or connect with us on the DayFire Facebook!

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